A universal truth about getting the most in the cryptocurrency world is by getting in it at the right time. This can also mean buying at an early stage, but it’s not easy to find a new or in-process crypto project at such an early stage to make an investment. Crypto traders and investors tend to miss out on good opportunities for lacking awareness of some projects. Ultimately, the chances of making a big profit will also be missed.

Fortunately, the availability of platforms and options for trading cryptocurrency has increased dramatically over the last few years. Thanks to crypto launchpads, it has become easier and common for enthusiasts to know about the brand-new projects of crypto that are not even launched yet on exchanges. They also provide a more secure platform for early adopters compared to some initial coin offering (ICO) models seen in the past.

What are launchpads?

As the industry of cryptocurrency is experiencing an increase in the terms of adoption on a continuous basis even by large institutions. There has been an increase in the new crypto projects heading to the launchpads for their success in raising funds for different projects.

Basically, crypto launchpads are platforms that are meant to help new crypto projects to raise funds for their capital needs by giving crypto investors earlier access to the sales of tokens. Due to this, investors are able to buy a crypto token at a much-reduced price even way before these tokens are going to get to the market.

Most importantly, crypto launchpads also offer the highly needed security to the investors here unlike other initial coin offering models available out there in the past. They have a vetting process that prevents them from listing any rug-pull or scam project, ensuring peace of mind when investing and trading in them.

Another amazing part of crypto launchpads is that these help to build the project community, which is one of the most important aspects of each project. Even the newest crypto projects can build a loyal community with ease. These communities usually get mixed with other communities over a launchpad to create the effect of a vast network as well.

What makes Crypto launchpads special?

Before any crypto project makes its way to the mainstream, a launchpad is responsible to check the earlier stage of the project, getting knowledge about new crypto projects that are in their earlier stages of development.

It is because they are designed in a way that they are used to discover crypto projects that are yet in pre-sales rounds and require some funds as capital. Even more, the projects available there in pre-sale rounds are commonly fused with effective and efficient vetting procedures to guard your investment against digital crimes in the best possible way.

It is a vital fact that everyone needs assurance before even investing in any new cryptocurrency project. Fortunately, there is no better way to make a safer and more securer investment in any of your preferred cryptocurrency projects even in its pre-sale rounds, than making it through crypto launchpads. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Launchpads are a way to get started investing in brand new and promising cryptocurrency projects even when it’s in pre-sale rounds
  2. You can rest assured that you are protected because they work with a vetting process to ensure security
  3. Launchpads help in building community and increasing network over time
  4. They help in reducing barriers of higher investment costs in launching a new project

How to get started with crypto launchpads?

Getting started with crypto launchpads isn’t hard. Most come up with their own guides, rules, and regulations. So, you can simply read those guides and rules to take further steps accordingly. These guides commonly include:

  • The minimum and maximum amount of investment one can make.
  • The process to sign up and invest in a new crypto project.
  • Procedures to follow
  • How long it will take to complete the purchase and lock coins?

All of these defined rules can make it easier for investors to choose which projects they want to invest in. Additionally, it is also important to log in with your crypto wallet to complete the process and make an investment.

Some of the most well-known crypto launchpads are:


Using launchpads can bring many benefits. Traders who are already familiar with cryptocurrency may feel some kind of feasibility and security in a token being launched through a trusted launchpad.

For the projects published in them, there is nothing better than issuing tokens directly in front of thousands of investors and traders ready to invest. Some previous token sales via this type of platform have even sold out in seconds.

Launchpad projects can offer a substantial return on investment, nevertheless, they have the same risk as buying crypto on an exchange or buying stocks. As such, always do your own research before making any investment decisions.