We are currently allowing guest post contributions to our blog. We want our readers to be able to share their knowledge, insights, experiences, and tips with our community. All you need is to be willing to write an article related to the subjects we mention below and submit it to us to review and publish.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

There are some standard guidelines for guest post submission, the final selection would be based on the originality, depth and quality of the content.

Topics:  The main topics we cover on our blog are Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Trading, Adoption, DeFi, Tokens, tutorials, anything crypto industry-related

Originality: We only publish original articles. (not previously published in english anywhere else)

Length: More than 500 words.

Edits: We reserve the right to edit the content you submit, primarily to correct errors or make the content more readable.

Language: Contents written in only English are accepted

Author Biography: All final drafts should be accompanied by an author biography. The author bio can be 40 to 80 words long and may include links to your website or social media.

Submission process

  1. Submit your article

    Use the form below to submit your work. If it’s your first article, please include your profile information, it will be included in the published article under the author tab

  2. Selection

    We will read every submission and respond to you within 7 business days. Keep in mind, that we only accept content that meets our criteria.

    If your article is not selected, it usually means the submission didn’t follow our editorial guidelines or is simply not a good fit for our audience. You may submit a new guest post for consideration.

  3. Editorial

    If your article meets all the requirements, our editorial team will make final edits and send you a final version for your approval.

  4. Promotion

    You will be provided a URL once the article is live on our blog. While we will promote certain articles through our various channels, we also encourage you to do the same and share your article with your audience by publishing its link and tagging.

Ready to submit?

Great! Please complete the form and include a link to your draft or outline in a Google Doc. (Don’t forget to change the permissions of the link)

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Terms of use:

  • By submitting an article to publish on our website, you agree to:
    • Let us use it on our website (with any amends we deem suitable) and you will not claim for payment or copyright infringement now or in the future.
    • Not to re-publish the same article on another website without our prior written approval. You may share it as a link as many times as you want.