The world is going to change all the traditional ways of doing things. Day by day new technologies are coming to enhance our living standards. People are working to make their life much more independent and luxurious. Crypto is also one of these technologies which are enabling people to live independent lives. If you are interested in crypto then you are at the right place. In this article we will discuss all about digital crypto wallets.

As we are well aware that crypto is digital currency like normal currencies. So some wallets are needed like normal wallets to keep crypto. A crypto wallet is a device, program or any medium which stores keys (Public, Private) for crypto currency transactions. There are two basic types of crypto wallets.

  1. Digital crypto wallet
  2. Hardware crypto wallet

Focusing on digital wallets, they are based on computer programs or servers. They are totally decentralized and no one has an authority to interfere in funds stored on these wallets. These wallets work digitally with the internet. To save your crypto in these wallets you have to make an account on these wallets. Transactions from these wallets are done through different blockchains. Like BSC smartchain or ethereum’s blockchain. Sometimes the transaction fee is too high. This is a negative aspect. Some popular digital wallets are as follows:

  • Trust wallet (developed by Binance Exchange)
  • Metamask wallet
  • Coinbase wallet
  • BlockChain wallet
  • Monetum wallet

There are also some other wallets but mainly the market is covered by metamask and Trust wallet.

Let’s explain them one by one

Trust wallet

Trust wallet is one of the best digital wallets to hold crypto currency. It is a decentralized wallet which connects users to their blockchain. It was developed by the famous Exchange Binance.

Metamask wallet

This is also popular software crypto wallets. It also acts as a bridge between individual and ethereum’s Block chain. Users can get access to ethereum block chain by meta mask app or through browser’s extention.

Coinbase wallet

It is a self-custody crypto wallet which gives users full control upon their crypto. One can store their crypto and NFT using this wallet. It allows users to use Defi liquidity pools to supply or borrow crypto. One can buy crypto using a debit card on coinbase. It also facilitates collecting and selling NFTs easily. wallet

This is also the best wallet to store and grow your crypto. This provides a number of rewards to their is the best place to buy 150+ cryptocurrencies at true cost with credit cards, debit cards, crypto, and fiat bank transfer. Like above all mentioned  you own your own private. Its app is also available on the play store. You can have the best experience with crypto using this wallet.

BlockChain wallet’s wallet is also considered as one of the most trusted wallets. One can buy and sell crypto using this. Now this wallet also provides trading in some countries. It can be directly linked to exchange. Its interface is very easy.

Monetum Wallet

Last but not least, Monetum is developing a new digital wallet to safely store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is one of the products to be launched on their roadmap for this year and ideal to use on their integrated ecosystem which includes Monetum Quick Trade app, Monetum Exchange, and Monetum Pay.