Many blockchain networks take charge of the digital ecosystem with their effective characteristics and impressive use cases. Many blockchain projects are introducing unique opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts, providing users with platforms to make consistent and innovative changes within the digital space. Cryptocurrency has seen a very intuitive rise in investment and technical development, possible with projects like Avalanche (AVAX). AVAX has made a remarkable move in the market, presenting sustained growth and huge market moves throughout 2021.

The Avalanche blockchain network made a remarkable statement in the market with its sub-second transaction times and low fees. The project is led by Ava Labs, which presented its Mainnet in September of 2020. Since then, Avalanche has gained an effortless endurance in the existing digital market and has gained the attention of many investors worldwide.

How does Avalanche work?

Talking about how Avalanche works, the project has based its innovation on solving three different issues; high fees, interoperability, and scalability issues. Ethereum blockchain, the initiator of the idea of blockchain technology, is known for these issues. Different blockchain networks came as a remedy to the discussed problems; however, not much has successfully resolved all issues. On the other hand, Avalanche used a combination of approaches to make distinguishable changes from other blockchain networks. With three different interoperable blockchains, Avalanche is covering three different tasks simultaneously. The “X-Chain” is responsible for creating and exchanging AVAX tokens and other digital assets across the network.

The “C-Chain” is the second on the list, representing a platform for developers to create smart contracts for dApps. The “P-Chain” operates for the platform, where it coordinates with network validators, tracks active subnets, and creates new ones. This was very convenient for the network as it provided them with the opportunity to increase their operation flow and run multiple processes simultaneously.

AVAX is a platform of the platforms, as it provides users with the opportunity to develop tailor-made application-specific blockchains. Although it seems quite similar to Polkadot and Cosmos blockchain networks, the project is known for its greater throughput and other metrics, which gained the interest of multiple users in the market. Avalanche is surely a platform that can perform better in the market, thus gaining a greater consumer market.

Avalanche evolution

Avalanche or AVAX has ripped the market with its recent news and innovations. The project is continually developing its system and moving towards sustainable growth. However, the past days have been quite special for AVAX amidst the market crashes and regulations. AVAX has attracted real-world projects into its blockchain system, which led it to become the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. There has been a lot of news related to real-world projects becoming part of the Avalanche network, including NHL and Deloitte.

Another perspective that is believed to skyrocket the price of Avalanche is its transaction speeds and throughput, which is taking the interest of people off projects like Ethereum and Cardano. A lot is believed to come for Avalanche, which includes support from projects within and outside the crypto world.