NFTs provided a new direction to the crypto community for earning profits through digital assets. Digital art was not such a highly profitable profession before NFTs came into power; however, the past few years have been quite promising for the newly-adopted decentralized financial system. Under the hype of NFTs, which are helping individuals make impressive money, institutions found the opportunity of making a very strategic entry into this digital ecosystem.

The hype brought by NFTs was one of the major developments we witnessed across digital art. Most of us would’ve never anticipated how football, or soccer (as Americans say), would take the mantle of representing the NFT-verse. Football NFT’s collectibles have been a part of the digital ecosystem ever since FC Barcelona, a leading Spanish football club, came up with the idea of developing its own NFT collectibles, which was a huge success in terms of the money generated from them.

Sports, as an institution, has intuitively adopted the concept of NFT and the profitability associated with it. Soccer has been quite promising in making it a reality. We have seen clubs like FC Barcelona, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich taking up the responsibility of representing the football clubs across the digital space. Teams have been following the direction of these ‘giants’ in club football, and more than 180 recognized football clubs are part of the NFT collectible community.

Talking about how football leagues have reacted to the development and innovation brought up by NFTs, La Liga has been among the first of the five major club football leagues that actually signed up for the blockchain world and have come up with their NFTs. Football leagues are believed to eventually sign up for this venture and become part of this digital efficacy, following the steps of the Spanish League.

Where to buy football NFTs?

The big question is where exactly can we find our favorite soccer NFT collectibles within this ecosystem. The answer to this is that the platforms working and supporting club footballs are now becoming part of this digital ecosystem. For the time being the leader in this kind of collectibles is SoRare: a fantasy football game and an NFT marketplace hold 140 football clubs of various continents, making it a diverse option for buying NFT collectibles. Other platforms offer these NFT collectibles; however, the platforms are still restricted in the department of soccer NFT collectibles. Their prices range is from 0,0154 ETH (52EUR) to 2000 ETH (almost 7 million EUR).


Last thoughts

There is a lot that is and can be seen across this escapade. The evolution of this industry is positive for sure; however, the concerns related to how the soccer community would adopt this technology remain on the floor. To this date, the reaction displayed by the soccer community has been quite positive and encouraging for the clubs. With such support, morally and financially, club footballs are looking to increase their stronghold across this system, which would eventually benefit them in the long run. NFTs are surely a good source to opt for under the circumstances to make the interaction better and cognitive with the fans and support. The sports industry, football to be specific, will witness huge developments in the NFT community with the innovation brought up by the current enthusiasm of the makers, fans, and investors.